How to Make Appliques Out of Baby Clothes

butterfly applique

Appliqué is an old sewing technique whereby a piece of fabric is attached over another fabric so as to increase the aesthetic value of a piece of clothing. This method can be handy when it comes to adding color or style to clothes considered as being too plain or creating matching outfits. As a norm, the patches used in appliqué are sourced from old pieces of clothing such as baby clothes. For individuals who might wish to create an appliqué from old baby clothes, the following overview on how to make appliques out of baby clothes might prove invaluable.

Materials required

You must ensure you have the following items before starting out

  • Pencil
  • Paperback adhesive iron on
  • Tear away stabilizer
  • Regular or tracing paper
  • Scissors
  • Iron
  • Sewing machine or needle and thread
  • Old baby clothes- from which to acquire the fabric
  • New fabric/baby cloth that needs to be improved


The following steps should be followed when creating appliqués out of old baby clothes

Step 1: cut out the appliqué

As a rule, you have to first cut out an appliqué pattern from the old baby clothes. It is usually recommended that the color and pattern of the old baby cloth being used should complement the clothes being improved so as to achieve tangible results.
When making the appliqué pattern, the plain or tracing paper should be used to create a pattern that you wish to incorporate within the new clothing. After doing this, place the appliqué pattern onto the paperback adhesive iron on and cut out the outline of the pattern from the paperback adhesive iron on. By doing this, you would have obtained the required pattern which you would use to cut out the fabric from the old baby cloth.
Step 2: cut out the fabric
Cutting out the fabric is the second step of the `how to make appliques out of baby clothes guide’. The paperback adhesive iron-on contains the appliqué pattern you wish to acquire from the old baby clothes. Position the paperback adhesive iron-on sketch onto the wrong side of the fabric and iron it into place. The fabric will be bonded to the line of the sketch. Cut the fabric along the sketch lines and then remove cut out fabric piece.

Step 3: create a location for the appliqué patch

You now have to create a perforation on the clothing piece on which the appliqué patch would be positioned. This is done by positioning the piece of fabric cutout on the preferred location and cutting out a perforation along the edges of the cut out.
Step 4: sew the appliqué into place
The appliqué pattern should be fitting seamlessly into the cutout you made on the clothing. You now have to create a tear-way to hold the appliqué pattern onto the clothing. As a rule, the tear-away should have an intrusion of around half an inch onto both the clothing and appliqué pattern. The tear-away should then be sewed onto the clothing and appliqué pattern using a sewing machine or by hand.
By following the above steps on how to make appliques out of baby clothes, you are assured of making beautiful outfits in no time at all.


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