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Framed Baby Clothes: A Creative Nursery Decoration Idea

Babies grow up fast. Week after week, you would realize that they have already outgrown their baby clothes. The thing about these little garments that babies wear is that they’re too cute to store in a box or give away, for that matter. Parents usually get very excited in buying the first clothes for their babies and you can expect that all of these are nice and worthy of display. The best thing that you can do to those beautiful baby garments is to frame them and put them on display.

Framed Baby Clothes: A Good Decoration Idea for the Nursery

There is no better way to update your nursery room’s look than to put up cute frames of your baby’s cute garments. The thing with frames is that it is an automatic decor. You can even choose a wall from the nursery and just fill the whole space with frames, and it would still look creative. Aside from the fact that you no longer have to give away your favorite clothes worn by your baby, it also has a very personal touch. Who doesn’t like staring at small baby clothes? Everyone can’t seem to help but smile every time they see a small pair of socks, a baby bonnet, or a pretty baby dress.

1. Choose the best baby garments that you want to frame.

Be careful while doing this, because you might just end up wanting to frame everything. The best thing to do is to find your personal favorites based on how nice the garment looked on your baby when it still fit his or her size. You can also base your choices on the memories attached to the garments. Your baby’s firsts would always make the mark, like the christening, the first garments your baby has worn when he or she came out from the womb, and other special events.

2. Decide on a nice frame.

More than the clothes, the frame would also contribute to the aesthetical value when you have already set it up on the wall of the nursery room.

3. Think wisely on whether you want to go for a DIY process or you want to have it custom-made.

The thing is, if you have money to burn, going for a crafts company who can do this perfectly for you will be your best option. You won’t have to go through any hassle and you can be assured of the quality. However, if you want to make it a personal experience and you want the process to be cost-effective, you can go for DIY. The advantage of going DIY is that you can have the liberty to design it yourself and shop around for exciting frame designs without spending so much.

Once you’ve set the frames up with your kid’s garments inside them, you will feel a joy in your heart every time you get to have a glance at them while you’re in the nursery. It gives your baby’s room a creative look and an air of love for your baby, manifested in the framed baby clothes.


How to Make Appliques Out of Baby Clothes

butterfly applique

Appliqué is an old sewing technique whereby a piece of fabric is attached over another fabric so as to increase the aesthetic value of a piece of clothing. This method can be handy when it comes to adding color or style to clothes considered as being too plain or creating matching outfits. As a norm, the patches used in appliqué are sourced from old pieces of clothing such as baby clothes. For individuals who might wish to create an appliqué from old baby clothes, the following overview on how to make appliques out of baby clothes might prove invaluable.

Materials required

You must ensure you have the following items before starting out

  • Pencil
  • Paperback adhesive iron on
  • Tear away stabilizer
  • Regular or tracing paper
  • Scissors
  • Iron
  • Sewing machine or needle and thread
  • Old baby clothes- from which to acquire the fabric
  • New fabric/baby cloth that needs to be improved


The following steps should be followed when creating appliqués out of old baby clothes

Step 1: cut out the appliqué

As a rule, you have to first cut out an appliqué pattern from the old baby clothes. It is usually recommended that the color and pattern of the old baby cloth being used should complement the clothes being improved so as to achieve tangible results.
When making the appliqué pattern, the plain or tracing paper should be used to create a pattern that you wish to incorporate within the new clothing. After doing this, place the appliqué pattern onto the paperback adhesive iron on and cut out the outline of the pattern from the paperback adhesive iron on. By doing this, you would have obtained the required pattern which you would use to cut out the fabric from the old baby cloth.
Step 2: cut out the fabric
Cutting out the fabric is the second step of the `how to make appliques out of baby clothes guide’. The paperback adhesive iron-on contains the appliqué pattern you wish to acquire from the old baby clothes. Position the paperback adhesive iron-on sketch onto the wrong side of the fabric and iron it into place. The fabric will be bonded to the line of the sketch. Cut the fabric along the sketch lines and then remove cut out fabric piece.

Step 3: create a location for the appliqué patch

You now have to create a perforation on the clothing piece on which the appliqué patch would be positioned. This is done by positioning the piece of fabric cutout on the preferred location and cutting out a perforation along the edges of the cut out.
Step 4: sew the appliqué into place
The appliqué pattern should be fitting seamlessly into the cutout you made on the clothing. You now have to create a tear-way to hold the appliqué pattern onto the clothing. As a rule, the tear-away should have an intrusion of around half an inch onto both the clothing and appliqué pattern. The tear-away should then be sewed onto the clothing and appliqué pattern using a sewing machine or by hand.
By following the above steps on how to make appliques out of baby clothes, you are assured of making beautiful outfits in no time at all.


Organic baby clothes are an excellent option for those who wish to select the best and the most perfect clothing for their little ones. Organic pure cotton is known to be good for our skin and body system as well as for secure and cleaner environment. Organic cotton is normally grown without the application of the dangerous chemicals, powerful bleaches or pesticides. Therefore, the amount of such dangerous substances that goes into the soil, air and water is reduced in significant amounts. As a result, the chances of polluting the environment are effectively reduced. It additionally helps to maintain soil fertility apart from building a biologically diverse farming system.

Benefits of Organic Baby Clothes

Natural fabrics like pure cotton allow excellent air circulation, a process that aids in the removal and absorption of body moisture. This also helps to keep your body system dry and cool in moist and hot weather. Organic pure cotton is more preferred nowadays due to its several advantages. Organic cotton is usually grown using natural fertilizers, and toxic substances and pesticides are not at all used during its harvesting. They are used to make organic clothes without requiring the application of powerful bleaches and dyes. Such clothes made from organic fabrics minimize ones exposure to industrial toxins and chemicals, which usually lead to allergic reactions and other illnesses including respiratory problems. Therefore, those babies who suffer from allergies and other forms of chemical sensitivities get various health benefits from these organic clothes.

How to Choose

A baby’s skin is always very sensitive and delicate, and as such, you need to be extra careful while selecting his or her outfits. Your baby will definitely benefit from organic clothing as they have been proven to be 100 percent natural and safe. Organic baby clothes are also available in varieties of styles, colors and designs. They are often made from organic materials, especially organic pure cotton, and hence are luxuriously soft and soothing on babies’ skin. The major advantage of organic clothing is that they are always dust-mite resistant and hypo-allergenic. This, in essence, implies that your child’s skin remains completely safe and healthy when dressed in organic outfits. This also explains why many parents go for organic clothes, for instance, organic baby beddings and diapers.

While buying, parents should ensure that these clothes are actually made from 100 percent organic cotton. They also need to select a well-known brand so as to get high quality products. Organic baby outfits are available in large numbers ranging from trousers to child caps, booties, skullcaps, T-shirts, skirts, rompers, body suits, sweaters, baby gowns, crawlers, shorts, play suits and terry sets. Organic blanket is the best option for your child to enjoy a comfortable sleep. Organic baby diapers are also a suitable buy as they absorb the wetness and keep the baby’s skin dry. Thus, with the use of these organic diapers, the chances of fungal infections being experienced due to wetness is reduced, and as a result, your child is well protected from skin rashes and any allergic reactions.

You can even play a part in protection of the environment from potentially dangerous chemicals by purchasing these organic baby outfits. Such clothes are great for your child’s skin. After all, the most important thing, you should never compromise on, is your baby’s health.

Benefits Of Baby Onesies

Having a baby is an exciting and adventurous time for parents. Most people have a baby shower to receive gifts and other needed items for a baby’s arrival. The first few weeks after a baby is born, many people choose to dress their newborn in cute clothing. Baby onesies are very popular items for your child’s first few months of life. Baby onesies only use to come in plain colors that weren’t very exciting or attractive. Now they make them with cute designs, sayings, bright colors, and wonderful styles. Parents can’t get enough baby onesies for their young child, because of the often changes and spilling’s that occur regularly.
Baby onesies are great to have up to the first year or so of your little one’s life. They come in many sizes from newborn up to toddler. Having enough onesies on hand to get you through the messiness of having a baby can be a life saver for a lot of parents; new and old. Parents find that they change their baby’s clothing at the minimum of three times a day, but usually more. Onesies are easily washable and can be found very inexpensively as well. Going to a baby shower and trying to find a gift can be hard for some people. There are so many choices, but you can never go wrong with onesies.
Baby onesies are great for hot or cold weather. They can be worn under pants, shorts, skirts, dresses, and even by themselves. They fit perfectly over a diaper, and open easily near the bottom for quick changes. People often buy customized onesies for their babies as well. You can get their name or other design embroidered or printed on them to make your baby have a unique style. Onesies are essential to bring for the babysitter when you leave your child for a long period of time. You never know what kind of mess or spit-up situation might occur while your child is not in your home. The babysitter will appreciate having extra onesies for those “baby” experiences that happen ever so often.
When expecting a baby, it is important to buy different sizes of onesies. You do not know for sure how big your baby will be once he or she arrives. It is also important to buy bigger sizes for when your little one grows, because we all know how quick babies can grow. It is also important not to buy too many onesies that are in newborn sizes. Parents learn quickly that their child will outgrow the newborn clothing fast and often have left over clothing that was never worn due it not fitting. Having a big selection of baby clothes for when your child arrives is important, but buying onesies and the majority of other clothing for your baby after he or she is born is a good idea. Shopping for baby and kid clothes can be overwhelming, but it is a lot of fun. There are so many choices, brands, styles, and colors to choose from.